Sweet nut energy bar

I tried many kinds of recipes for sweet crackers, granolas, this is the one that I like the best.

The nuts:
1 cup of almond (soaked overnight)
1 cup of walnut (soaked
1 cup of cashew
1 cup of sprouted buckwheat

The fruits:
1 cup of date
1 banana
1 apple
1 spoon of raw honey

First chop the first 4 ingredients into very little pieces in a food processor with an S knife.

Then put the second 4 ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Put some (not too much) water if it's needed.

Then mix the nuts with the fruity sauce together, and spread it on a teflex sheet of the dehydrator. Dehydrate it for 20 hours.
After 10 hours you can turn it over.

Cut into bars and it is ready!


  1. Hi Gitta :-)

    I tried yours sweet crakers, absolut delicious :-),I do something simmilar with bluberries. Mixing together bluberies,fresh dates,cinnemon,raw vanilla powder a bit cocos oil and lemon juice than I belnd it with my hands in a bowel with some nuts and buckwheat and dry it in dehydrator as you did :-). One can eat it as it is or with home made hamp milk.

    Have a great weekend

    PS: your english is good,just write,those who will the will understand :-) Nobody is perfect.


  2. I just came across your blog and I'm going to bookmark it. Your recipes are simple and look fantastic, and you are sweet and to the point! If would love to try making crackers someday but I don't have a dehydrator:-( Looking forward to your next post!