Fruit rice with cashew sauce

This is a crunchy fruit and vegetable dish with creamy vanilla cashew sauce. This is the favorite of my family. You must try it,
You can use almond instead of cashew because normal cashew isnt raw. (In Hungary only not raw cashew is available)

2 cups of zucchini cut into little pieces
1 cup of fresh fruits cut into little pieces (apple, banana, orange…)
1 cup of sundried fruits cut into little pieces

for the sauce:
1 cup of cashew
1/2 cup of water (maybe a little more…)
1 spoon agave syrup or stevia as you like it
juice of a half of lemon
1 pinch of vanilla powder

For the sauce put the ingredients into the blender and blend it until smooth. Put the zucchini and the fruits in a bawl, pour the sauce on it and stir it well. It will be better if you put it apart for an hour or two.