Olive pasty

For a long time, there's been some raw olive waiting for me to come up with a recipe where they can be used. First I prepared some pasty, where the amount of ingredients is not exact, as, while preparing, I kept tasting and trying.

1 cup of sunflower seed,
1 cup of pumpkin seed,
1 cup of raw black olive,
1 cup of chopped up sundried tomatoes soaked 1 hour
1/2 onion,
1/4 cup of parsley,
1/4 cup of basil,
1-2 clove of garlic,
2 tbsp sprouted buckwheat

Mix all ingredients in a food processor.

It has an intense mediterranean taste. As both the olive and the sundried tomatoes are salty, don't salt.

It was so thick I could not eat all of it in two days, so I dehydrated the rest.


Tomatoe soup with celery

The base of the raw tomato soup is fresh tomato, sundried tomato and water. We may flavor it with lemon juice, agave or date to strengthen the sour or sweet taste. I prepare this soup very often, because it’s easy, quickly ready, and this is the dish that non raw foodists will certainly eat.

I have tried to put onion in it-> it took away its taste, garlic -> it became worse, carrot -> it was good but not better than without it, and finally I put a stalk of celery in the soup -> It became really epicure! You dont need much, it is not celery soup but tomato soup! Try it, all you need is a blender!

(for two adults)
3-4 tomatoes chopped up
¼ cups of sundried tomatoes (soaked for 2 hours)
½ stalk of celery
2 date (soaked)
2 sp fresh lemon juice
1 sp olive oil
1,5 cups water

Blend all the ingredients smooth, serve with nuts, basil. Put sprouts on top.

Be careful with salt, the sundried tomatoes are salty.Put some of the soaked tomatoe's liquid into the soup and it will flavour by adding a salty taste to it. If somebody, like me, doesn't want to use salt at all, should soak the sundried tomatoes well and then use clear water only.

This soup is a perfect summer one, ready in minutes.

Serve with seeds, sprouts and basil leaves.


Olive burger

This is one of my favourite burgers, try it!


1 cup of black raw olive
1 cup of chopped up, sundried tomatoes
½ cup of parsley
½ cup of carrot mash (remaining from the juicer)
1 cup of oily seeds (this time it's ½ cup of raw hempseed, ¼ cup of soaked almond, ¼ cup of soaked sunflower seed)
1/2 cup of sprouted buckwheat


1/2 cup of sprouted buckwheat

Put the first 6 ingredients into the food processor, without adding any salt. At the end, add the half cup of buckwheat that was put aside. Form small dumplings and put in the dehydrator for a couple of hours. It's ready when it's dry on the outside and soft in the inside.

It makes a perfect main dish with salad or a vegetable sauce. My all-eating friends eraction was: hmmmm.


Italian burgers

I almost always have some kind of a burger at home. I try to make various kinds of it, so that I don't get bored with the taste, but the base is always the same:. 2-3 cups of seeds and approx. half as much vegetables. Its flavouring is very important, can be Chinese, Bolognese or Hungarian. Using sea alga gives it a unique, fihs-taste, try it if you like. It's not necessary to dehydrate, it can be eaten right after it's mixed. In this case it's more like a pasta: soft and easy to spread. If dehydrated, it can be used up for a longer time.


1/2 cup of pine nuts
1 cup of sunflower seed (or pumpkin seed)
1/2 cup of sprouted buckwheat
1-2 tbspoon hulled hemp seed (optional, it works without it too)
1 cup of carrot cut into pieces
1 tbspoon sundried tomatoes soaked 1 hour
3-4 olive
2 teespoon italian spice mix (basil, petersile, salt, oregano)

Put all ingredients into the food processor, and make a paste.

Than make 4-5 "loaf", as seen on the photo.

Dehydrate it 2 hours, than cut it into 2cm pieces and dehydrate it for 4-5 hours.

Try this recipe with Hungarian spice mix: pepper, salt, chilly, onion and garlic. It's fine too.

After cutting, before dehydrating:

On the dehydrator's tray:

And on the plate with sprouts on the potluck:


Apricot cream soup

I've been meaning to prepare this soup for ages. My problem is that whenever I bought apricots, I brought them home, and just as when I was about to start making the dish, they were gone. Now, at the end of their season, I finally managed to save the last couple of them.

Ingredients for one person:
6 nice and ripe apricots
1,5 glass of water
pinch of vanilla powder
pinch of cinnamon
1 tsp lemon juice (depending on the sweetness of the apricots, can use a bit more)
honey (also depends on the sweetness of the fruit)
1 tbspoon hemp seed or 1 tbspoon casheew

some menta leaves or sliced fruits for decorating

Wash the apricots and get rid of their core. Put everything into the blender. If it's too thick, add some water.

It really tastes like jam. Maybe, with less water, it would make a nice pudding.


Marrow soup

(Hungarian soup is thicker than other nation's versions and it is made of one vegetable with milk or sour cream usually and it is thickened with flour)

This summer I tried my favourite marrow soup in raw version. Look at this:

I ate it with burgers and tomatoe.


1 kg shred vegetable marrow
half a lemon's juice
half a carrot
half a celery's stem
1 slice of pepper
1 bigger onion
1 spoon of white miso
2 spoons of husked hempseed
1 bunch of dill

3 teaspoons of Himalayan salt (for the marrow)

Put half of the marrow into the blender with the rest of the ingredients, add some water and mix till smooth.

Salt the other half of the marrow and let it rest for half an hour. Press out the liquid it produced, cut into smaller pieces and mix with the sauce.

Be careful with salting, don't put any into the sauce, or it will be too salty.

If you like it sweet, you can put some dates into the sauce.

The sauce will be creamy and tasty if you use, for example, cashew instead of the hempseed, but since raw cashew is not available here, I rather use something else.

Use less dill than for the cooked type, as it keeps its intensity without cooking. But you can be brave with lemon, this is what gives that sour taste to the soup we love about it!

Marrow is a variety of squash, or a large courgette (zucchini in US English)