Italian burgers

I almost always have some kind of a burger at home. I try to make various kinds of it, so that I don't get bored with the taste, but the base is always the same:. 2-3 cups of seeds and approx. half as much vegetables. Its flavouring is very important, can be Chinese, Bolognese or Hungarian. Using sea alga gives it a unique, fihs-taste, try it if you like. It's not necessary to dehydrate, it can be eaten right after it's mixed. In this case it's more like a pasta: soft and easy to spread. If dehydrated, it can be used up for a longer time.


1/2 cup of pine nuts
1 cup of sunflower seed (or pumpkin seed)
1/2 cup of sprouted buckwheat
1-2 tbspoon hulled hemp seed (optional, it works without it too)
1 cup of carrot cut into pieces
1 tbspoon sundried tomatoes soaked 1 hour
3-4 olive
2 teespoon italian spice mix (basil, petersile, salt, oregano)

Put all ingredients into the food processor, and make a paste.

Than make 4-5 "loaf", as seen on the photo.

Dehydrate it 2 hours, than cut it into 2cm pieces and dehydrate it for 4-5 hours.

Try this recipe with Hungarian spice mix: pepper, salt, chilly, onion and garlic. It's fine too.

After cutting, before dehydrating:

On the dehydrator's tray:

And on the plate with sprouts on the potluck:

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