Marrow soup

(Hungarian soup is thicker than other nation's versions and it is made of one vegetable with milk or sour cream usually and it is thickened with flour)

This summer I tried my favourite marrow soup in raw version. Look at this:

I ate it with burgers and tomatoe.


1 kg shred vegetable marrow
half a lemon's juice
half a carrot
half a celery's stem
1 slice of pepper
1 bigger onion
1 spoon of white miso
2 spoons of husked hempseed
1 bunch of dill

3 teaspoons of Himalayan salt (for the marrow)

Put half of the marrow into the blender with the rest of the ingredients, add some water and mix till smooth.

Salt the other half of the marrow and let it rest for half an hour. Press out the liquid it produced, cut into smaller pieces and mix with the sauce.

Be careful with salting, don't put any into the sauce, or it will be too salty.

If you like it sweet, you can put some dates into the sauce.

The sauce will be creamy and tasty if you use, for example, cashew instead of the hempseed, but since raw cashew is not available here, I rather use something else.

Use less dill than for the cooked type, as it keeps its intensity without cooking. But you can be brave with lemon, this is what gives that sour taste to the soup we love about it!

Marrow is a variety of squash, or a large courgette (zucchini in US English)

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