Cracker with carrot and beetroot

My first attempts at making crakers weren't that successful. They were full of oily seeds, and contained only a small amount of vegetables. All in all, they weren't tasty and were also too heavy for my stomach.
I have managed to come up with a fine recipe, made mostly of vegetables. This cracker is not too greasy, but colorful, crispy and delicious. It's not necessary to spice it at all, it's already done by the vegetables.

The ingredients are almost all visible in the picture: beetroot, carrots, onions and the little white dots are the hemp seeds.

Cracker with carrot and

2 carrots
1 little beetroot
1 little red onion
1 bunch parsley
2 tbspoon hempseed
2 cups yellow flaxseed

Put the vegetables into the food processor and cut until they're granular. Grind the flax seed and mix it with some water so that its consistence is like that of dough. Mix with the vegetables and hempseed, flavour with salt and mix it well once more.

Dehydrate in the machine, roll out so that it's very thin and dry it completely.

This is what the vegetable dollop looks like after the ingredients are chopped up.

The ground flexseed mixed with water looks like this.

After mixing the two things above and laying it out on the tray of the dehydrator.

One more picture of the cracker:

The vegetables used can be altered. You can try using celery or more onions or red bell pepper.


  1. Wonderful recipe Gitta! I will make these right now:)

  2. Those crackers look really delish! Wonderfully colorful. :~)

  3. thank you! They are really delish!

  4. i just got a dehydrator and i was wondering if you could give me some other cool things to make that are raw vegan dishes. also where do you get the stuff to put down for tortillas because my dehydrator has holes and the stuff will just fall through.

  5. Hi Kayla, you can make burgers, cookies, fruit sheets, tortillas and other tasty dishes. Coming soon...
    You can see pictures on my hungarian blog here: http://gittarawfood.blogspot.com/search/label/fas%C3%ADrt
    And some sweet dishes here: http://gittarawfood.blogspot.com/2009/05/epres-bananos-gyumolcspalacsintak.html

    I am going to translate these posts to english...

    Put a non-stick teflex sheet on the tray of the dehydrator!