My favourite salad dressing

I had experimented a lot, till I finally found my own favourite salad dressing. It's both tasty and colorful, and could easily be a dish in itself. I usually make this dressing when the salad is green, made of usually chinese leaves or corn salad (also known as valeriana locusta). I buy some green vegetables on my way to work, use this dressing and voila, there's my delicious lunch.

My favourite salad dressing:

Juice of 2 lemons
1 cup cold pressed oliva oil
2 gloves garlic
red, green, yellow bell pepper
red, purple onion
1 cucumber
1 bunch parsley
3-4 drops stevia

Make a thick cream by gradually adding the oil to the lemon juice in a high speed blender. Flavour with salt and stevia. Chop the vegetables up into tiny pieces with a knife if possible instead of a food processor. It's enough if you have three of the vegetables on the list at home, you don't need all of them.You'll also need one kind of green spice.

Add the vegetables to the sauce and stir. This amount will be enough for several plates of salad, but why work with tiny amounts?

It'll liven up your salad.

Serve and eat the salad right away, or the dressing will parch the green salad, making it less appealing and tasty.

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