Sweet buckwheat energy bar

It is sweet and crunchy.

3 cups of sprouted buckwheat
½ cups of chopped date
½ cups of prunes
juice of a half lemon
pinch cinnamon
little water

Put the date, prunes,lemon juice and cinnamon into the blender and blend until smooth. Put a little water if needed. Put it in a large bowl and put the buckwheat in it. Mix well and put it on the teflex sheet of the dehydrator. Dehydrate it for 10-12 hours. Cut up into pieces!


  1. Those look really simple and yummy. I love buckwheat groats!

  2. Try it with other fruits, with bananas or sundried apricot! Great!

  3. After 2 days of sprouting and another trip to the store, I just realized the buckwheat is pre-roasted! Shucks. I'm going to try and make them today or tomorrow anyways...